April 13, 2014 by News “black conservatives have formed a coalition of their very own”

Black Conservatives Get PAC Geared Towards Their Cause

It’s been a repeated chorus that’s been sung every election cycle: the Republican party must produce a greater effort in outreaching to minority communities.

While Democrats and media circuits have constantly portrayed the GOP as being out of touch with minorities, it’s looks like conservatives are finally starting to add validity in their fight against this narrative.

The Black Conservative Fund, a newly created PAC designated towards helping fund black conservatives who are seeking public office, has garnished the endorsements of several high-profile individuals, including former NAACP officer and preacher C.L. Bryant and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.

One of the individuals profiled by the PAC is Mia Love, congressional candidate in Utah. Mia, who is not only black but Mormon as well, has risen to national stardom among conservative circles and is an amplified voice among the many black conservatives in the nation today.

It’s not exactly foreign news to anyone that the GOP has had a strained relationship with the black population. It is to be noted the Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, has attempted to bridge that divide by visiting black neighborhoods and appointing minority leaders to positions that will enable them to have influence among minorities.

For far too long, black conservatives have endured ostracization and vicious attacks from the far left. They have been embraced by the right, but mostly in last-minute election efforts.

It now appears that black conservatives have formed a coalition of their very own. While it is not a detour away from the message of conservatism which entails lower taxes, smaller government and personal responsibility, it is a catalyst of support rooted in a belief that a strong mechanism of minority leaders will bring inclusiveness and an array of special abilities and talents that will diversify the conservative movement.

There should be multiple channels outside the RNC that is involved in minority outreach, but it is up to the minority conservative themselves to determine the outcome and effect of making their presence known.

The Black Conservative Fund realizes this and is determined to excel in this area with or without the help of the GOP. It’s presumptuous to assume that the fund will articulate its message via radio, TV ads, social media and other media outlets.

Will the newly created fund immediately compel more blacks to begin a pilgrimage to the GOP? That remains to be seen.

Tara Wall, senior advisor to the RNC for black media, said it best: “You start with the engagement, you build the trust, and you ask for their vote. Eventually you will see the fruits of that.”

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