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New Television and Digital Ads Targeting Black Voters in Swing States Showcase Clinton’s Disparaging

Black Conservatives Fund recalls Clinton’s “super-predators” and “firewall” comments

November 2, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Black Conservatives Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the views of center-right African American voters, just launched a targeted paid media campaign intended to reach minority millennial voters in crucial swing states. Their advertising features two spots that expose Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton’s previous comments expressing contempt for black Americans, calling them “super-predators” and claiming they’d make up her “firewall” against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the 2016 primary.

The ad, “Hillary Hates,” features the candidate’s 1996 comments where she was caught using racially divisive undertones to champion a bill that ultimately locked up a generation of black men. The ad also uses 2016 footage of her run-ins with Black Lives Matter protestors.

“We’re not just the only conservative group going after black voters on television—we’re the only group, period,” Black Conservatives Fund Senior Adviser Ali Akbar said.

With a television buy in Ohio and North Carolina, the ad is supplemented by a sizeable digital buy that spans across Facebook, Instagram and smaller, highly-targeted web publications. The cable time has been reserved across BET, CNN, ESPN, HGTV and USA networks in these states.

The digital buy stretches into at least three other states not being targeted on television. In total, the group has planned a six-figure commitment to their advertising campaign for the remainder of the 2016 general election.

“Make no mistake: our aim isn’t to suppress African American votes. Instead, we’re telling black voters to make sure they participate in this election, but they need to remember what Hillary Clinton thinks of them,” Akbar said. “We are confident that our message will have significant reach, since Democrats have neglected advertising to them this cycle.”

In the primaries, BCF endorsed, contributed to, and made independent expenditures for Dr. Ben Carson and then Senator Ted Cruz. Subsequently, BCF focused on down-ballot races and driving Hillary Clinton’s negatives higher with black voters. The PAC has been recognized by outlets like The National Review for being one of the most efficient grassroots PACs.

“Once every four years the black community is courted then subsequently abandoned by Hillary Clinton Democrats,” Akbar concluded. “Amid numerous protests by black millennials against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, the black vote was again taken for granted. No more.”


The ad can be viewed above or by clicking here.

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