March 9, 2016 by News


Baton Rouge, La. — Ahead of the winner-take-all portion of the republican presidential primary, the most successful conservative black engagement organization is endorsing Ted Cruz for President.

Previously, Black Conservatives Fund PAC endorsed, contributed to, and made independent expenditures for Dr. Ben Carson. BCF has been recognized by outlets like The National Review as having been one of the most efficient grassroots PACs.

Black Conservatives Fund PAC released the following statement:

“Once every four years the black community is courted then subsequently abandoned by Hillary Clinton Democrats. Amid numerous protests by black millennials against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, the black vote cannot be taken for granted.

Ted Cruz unders that regardless of color, creed, or party, priority one is reigniting the American dream for all Americans.

Black Conservatives Fund is proud of this historic moment in which we can support the first Latino candidate for President to ever win a caucus or primary.

Senator Cruz’s openness to some criminal justice reform, his championing of school choice, and his tax plan, which reduces the burden on struggling families, are policy stances BCF can offer up as an alternative to Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street-first plan to black communities in key states like Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

Through unprecedented adversity by elites, Cruz has maintained his principled beliefs. The black community is craving an authentic voice, even where there is disagreement.

Conservative primary voters should push all-in with Cruz during this winner-take-all portion of the republican primary.”

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