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Baton Rouge, La. — David Duke is moments away from paying a fee to qualify to be on the ballot. Duke is a former elected Democrat and self-identified member of at least four other political parties.

Previously, Black Conservatives Fund PAC endorsed, contributed to, and made independent expenditures for numerous federal and state candidates, of every color, including U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy. BCF has been recognized by outlets like The National Review as having been one of the most efficient grassroots PACs.

Black Conservatives Fund PAC released the following statement:

“David Duke is a vile and violent racist that in no way represents conservatism, the Republican Party or the people of Louisiana. His brand of discriminatory, reactionary politics threatens to undo the good work we are doing in Baton Rouge and across America to strengthen race relations, and unite under the banner of free market conservatism.

When conservative and Republican voters rightly reject David Duke this fall, who has near universal name recognition in Louisiana, we call on the pundit elites to cease the narrative that anyone with an “R” behind their name is a racist. We look forward to helping elect a conservative Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate, and plan to actively oppose David Duke’s campaign of self promotion and divisiveness.

We were proud to first come to Louisiana to help elect Dr. Bill Cassidy. We’re pleased to have maintained a field office in Baton Rouge since 2014, which has become the epicenter of America’s, both real and exaggerated, racial divide.”

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