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BLM activist Shaun King must prove he’s in fact ‘black’


Black lives do in fact matter, which is why a leading conservative African American organization,, is offering $25,000 to Black Lives Matter causes if an activist under controversy can authenticate his claim, that he is in fact, black.

While Black Conservatives Fund is not associated with #BlackLivesMatter, the right-leaning organization shares some of its aims, including advocating for criminal justice reform, endorsing police reforms, and it encouraging its members and endorsed candidates to engage minority communities in the political process.

Wednesday, prominent activist associated with the #BlackLivesMatter group, Shaun King, was outed as a caucasian man falsely representing himself as a biracial man by several news organizations, including, The Daily Caller, and CNN. The damning evidence includes photographs of his biological family, King’s birth certificate, a police report, and testimony from a family member who spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon.

“Shaun King has bullied other blacks—conservatives blacks—who don’t share 100% of his political views. I get it. That’s the ugly side of politics,” said senior advisor to the Fund, Ali Akbar, “but to steal the identity of a people who are crying out for reform—that’s just fraud.”

Akbar went on to state, “I’m biracial and I’m really concerned with left-wing activists like Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King calling people like me “Uncle Tom” while they’re not even black!”

“Shaun King has used his platform to bully countless African Americans whom he disagreed with politically, including members of Black Conservatives Fund.”

“It’s worth noting that King and Dolezal share passions, fringe left-wing political positions, educational backgrounds and mythical black fathers.”

When the New York Times asked King if he was biracial, he declined to comment. BuzzFeed too was turned away. When CNN pressed King on the matter, he stopped responding to their inquiry.

Black Conservatives Fund believes that once the King admits the truth, Black Lives Matter can continue its work without the unnecessary distraction of King.

Black Conservatives Fund PAC is offering $25,000 to help organize #BlackLivesMatter related events and rallies if Shaun King can and will produce his alleged African American father or cooperate with a DNA test.

King has 24 hours to make his intentions clear to Black Conservatives Fund in order to make sure these funds can go to the cause.

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