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Allen West: “I look forward to working with the Black Conservative Fund”

More Black Conservatives Come Out of the Closet

As I wrote in my book Guardian of the Republic in the chapter “Soul of our Souls,” slowly but surely a growing number of American blacks are reconnecting with conservative values and principles.

This isn’t something new to the black community contrary to what the liberal progressive media would have you believe. The conservative black movement dates back to Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington as well as others such as Asa Phillip Randolph. Of course “coming out of the closet” and declaring yourself a black conservative is certainly not as welcomed as exiting the closet to say you’re gay. However, more and more folks are demonstrating the moral courage to swim against the current.

This week, a new organization “came out” — the Black Conservatives Fund. According to their press release as reported in Communities Digital News, the Black Conservative Fund will begin raising funds and reaching out to the black community promoting constitutional policies and limited government. It is fully committed to supporting black conservatives who are dedicated to spreading the message of limited government and traditional values. The organization will support candidates through direct contributions in addition to web, TV, and radio advertisements.

Anita Moncrief, a founding member of the Black Conservative Fund’s board of advisers, and the key whistleblower on the ACORN election fraud outlines the purpose and inspiration that is the foundation of BCF’s aims and objectives:

“All across America, black conservatives are running for office in record numbers. The lock that the liberals have held on the black vote is slowly but surely breaking. An entirely new generation of black leaders is stepping forward to help save this nation. They believe that the welfare state and corrupt education system are destroying our future. They understand that big government has created nothing but big problems. Not only that, they are willing to stand up and fight back against the Left-wing race baiters of the Democratic party.”

I believe one of the most important roles this new organization can play is in the area of educating blacks, especially in the inner city, on the failures of liberal progressives — to include President Barack Hussein Obama. It is imperative that the black community learns to invest its political capital not just on one side, as this blind loyalty has led to dismissal and condescension.

The education must go beyond simply “outreach” to principled policy inclusiveness articulated by individuals from within the community. Take for example school choice as we’ve often discussed here, and the fact that President Obama takes the side of the liberal progressive teacher’s unions over that of the deserving black children — as he displayed with his decision to cancel the DC school voucher program.

No one is under the illusion that the black community will become conservative overnight. But we must remind our community that its heart, we have always been conservative. Some will make the informed choice — not all — but if there is a 20-25 percent change in the voting patterns of the black community, well, that is success. And if we can get more blacks elected as conservatives at the state and local level, we begin to turn the tide.

I look forward to working with the Black Conservative Fund as we share the same aims. The Allen West Foundation seeks to educate minority communities about conservative principles and values. And the Allen West Guardian Fund is focused on supporting and electing minority and military conservatives. Movements start with the people, not with politicians.

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