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Bill Cassidy

US Senate - Louisiana

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu has finally met her match. After eighteen years of failed liberal policies, loyalty to the liberal big-government agenda, and empty promises to her constitutents (especially those in the black community), she is facing the defining electoral challenge of her career.

A three-way race in this November's mid-term election forced this race to a runoff, where Landrieu now faces Congressman Bill Cassidy.

In his six years in the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Cassidy has shown himself to be a strong conservative and a skilled campaigner. But he is counting on the help of national groups like the Black Conservatives Fund to overcome Mary Landrieu's funding and incumbency advantages.

Mary Landrieu is depending on 95 percent of the black vote to deliver this runoff election victory. If BCF can help Congressman Cassidy cut into this voting bloc by just a few percentage points, we will finally be able to elect a conservative Senator from Louisiana after decades of liberal dominance in the Pelican State.


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