About Black Conservatives Fund

The Black Conservatives Fund is a political action committee committed to turning out the black vote and elect black conservatives at every level of government.


We provide direct contributions in addition to running TV and radio ads, conducting get-out-the vote drives, and funding any other activities our endorsed candidates need.


We are first and foremost a CONSERVATIVE political action committee.  We are committed to assisting candidates who support reining in the size and scope of government, protecting our nation through a strong military, and promoting American values – especially the right to life.


We believe that despite the election of Barack Obama, the conservative movement has a golden opportunity to expand our coalition by supporting black conservative candidates whenever possible. 


An entirely new generation of black leaders is stepping forward to help save this nation.  They believe that the welfare state and a corrupt education system are destroying our future.  They understand that big government has created nothing but big problems. 


And they are willing to fight back against the left-wing race baiters of the Democratic Party.


These black conservative heroes are willing to endure the personal attacks and outright ridicule from the liberal political establishment and the left wing media in order to stand up for what’s right.  And for that, they deserve our encouragement and our support.